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The Winning Voice Weekly Tips

Put it all together!

Summing up some earlier tips
1) Many people, including celebrities, have vastly improved your voices and you can too!
2) You don’t hear your voice the way other people do.
3) Most of the things that you don’t like about your voice can be changed by simply changing your approach.
4)Use more variety of tone than you use in normal speech.
5) Move your body.
6) Feel the rhythm.
7) Overall, recognize that a good voice comes from a somewhat heightened vocal presentation.
8) You can Pretend your way into a more dynamic voice.
9) Exaggerate a bit, appear foolish, and be perceived as a genius.
10) Instead of presenting a voice that’s proper and right. Present a voice that’s dynamic and free!




In addition to training the voices of hundreds of people, Charles Michel has been an actor, singer, character voice performer and voice-over announcer.
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Norma-Jean (“NJ”) Strickland: The Voice That Sparkles!

Charles is one of those rare individuals who can actually teach by example. He can demonstrate how to perform something incorrectly, then barely take a breath and do the same thing flawlessly. He is so much fun to work with!!

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