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The Winning Voice Weekly Tips

Go nuts!

Take a paragraph from a book or magazine you’re reading and read it “normally.” Then…GO NUTS!

Read it several more times, each time pretending that you’re in a different state of craziness. Try acting like you are slightly tipsy, giddy, or angry. Then act as if you are describing your favorite food or talking to someone you are extremely attracted to. It doesn’t matter that certain points of view in your imagination are not appropriate to the text. In fact, the more the text and your point of view contrast, the better workout your imagination skills will get. For example, try reading a paragraph about a serious and deadly medical condition and pretend it’s hilarious and that it’s taking all your strength to hold back your laughter throughout the passage. Going nuts may be one of the sanest ways to truly explore copy and find out how you really feel about it!




In addition to training the voices of hundreds of people, Charles Michel has been an actor, singer, character voice performer and voice-over announcer.
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Mary McKitrick

I had had a few months of voiceover training before finding Charles Michel, but was spinning my wheels a bit. Charles’ approach really resonated with me and once I started working with him, I made rapid progress toward my goal of recording my first (commercial) demo and marketing my work.

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