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Get to know your voice!

We never actually hear our voices the way other people do. Many people, and you may be one of them, will be told that they have a good voice, but they can’t quite hear it themselves. Getting to know your own voice requires patience and time spent listening to recordings of your own performances.

Over time, it is important that you come to know your voice so that you can sell it effectively.

(Charles Michel insists on recording all of his private coaching sessions so that his clients can come to know their own voices.)




In addition to training the voices of hundreds of people, Charles Michel has been an actor, singer, character voice performer and voice-over announcer.
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Alexandra Zabriskie

Charles, thank You so much for your patience and your expertise. The demo sounds great and it is all because of you!  If I ever earn an award for voice over work (is there one?) you’re at the top of my gratitude list.

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