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Be yourself!

The voice you possess is so personal and unique that you may not want to change it. Look at Barbara Walters: For years, Saturday Night Live comics and other impressionists have been poking good-natured fun at her voice. All the while, Ms. Walters’ stardom has continued to rise, missing r’s and all! “TWULLY an achievement”, as she might say!

Speaking of achievements, Humphrey Bogart is another star who proved he could succeed as a great leading man-even though he had a lisp. Some speech purists might cringe at Kate Hepburn’s shakiness or Marlene Dietrich’s growl, but these qualities worked for them. The above examples prove that a “flawed” voice can often be a winning voice. One person’s impediment can be another person’s signature! Stars are not perfect … They are special!




In addition to training the voices of hundreds of people, Charles Michel has been an actor, singer, character voice performer and voice-over announcer.
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Norma-Jean (“NJ”) Strickland: The Voice That Sparkles!

Charles is one of those rare individuals who can actually teach by example. He can demonstrate how to perform something incorrectly, then barely take a breath and do the same thing flawlessly. He is so much fun to work with!!

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