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"Up and in"!

Microphone Technique:
If you are like most people you are probably not projecting your voice effectively for the microphone. Generally, folks attempt projecting forward in an effort to reach and fill the microphone with sound. What you should be doing is actually just the opposite. You should be taking your sound “UP AND IN” to your body instead of pushing it out at the microphone. This will create a voice that is richer and less shrill with almost no vocal wear and tear. Very importantly for the microphone, you will eliminate the popping of any “P” sound and the hissing of any sibilant “S”. Unskilled voice projection and microphone technique that incorporates an “UP AND IN” approach are as different as screaming is from singing. The first is noise, the latter…music! ( “UP AND IN” is one of many techniques specifically developed and coined by Charles Michel for Voice Over Training.)




In addition to training the voices of hundreds of people, Charles Michel has been an actor, singer, character voice performer and voice-over announcer.
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Kristen Barlock

Charles Michel’s teaching technique is unique, fun, interactive, and informative. He is not the kind of teacher who teaches because he can’t do; rather, he himself truly knows his craft, having experienced success as both an actor and voiceover artist. There is no doubt he will take you to another level in your voiceover performance.

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