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The Winning Voice: Testimonials
Charles Michel, America's #1 Voice Over Coach!


  • Randall Cargill

    The first time that I got up to speak into a microphone, I found it very intimidating. It was difficult just standing up there let alone attempting to deliver ad copy with credibility, flare and professionalism. That’s where my Gold Package training with Charles Michel and The Winning Voice made the difference.

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  • Jack Moran

    Studying with Charles Michel has been nothing but a positive and rewarding experience in my pursuit to a career in voiceover.

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  • Linda Minarik

    I have been studying voiceover technique with Charles Michel since 1994, and I am grateful and proud to have become his student. He combines a first-rate method of voiceover performance instruction with a grounded, laid-back, calming personal approach.

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  • Kristen Barlock

    Charles Michel’s teaching technique is unique, fun, interactive, and informative. He is not the kind of teacher who teaches because he can’t do; rather, he himself truly knows his craft, having experienced success as both an actor and voiceover artist. There is no doubt he will take you to another level in your voiceover performance.

    LISTEN to Kristen Barlock

  • Joy Schatz

    Before I started working with Charles Michel, I knew I wanted to do voiceovers, but I had no idea what to do or how to even get started. Charles’ careful instruction has given me a solid background and a true understanding of who I am as a performer.

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  • Monique Gramby

    Charles, I just listened to my session…wow! It was the first time that I didn’t hate my recorded voice! This session renewed my drive in voice overs. Thanks!

    LISTEN to Monique Gramby

  • Kate Guyton

    In my work with Charles both as an actress and voice-over artist, I have found Charles to be an extraordinary instructor. His abilities are extremely competitive—without equal in our industry—he is at the very top of his field.

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  • Veronica Alsina

    Charles Michel’s was the first voiceover class I ever took and it completely changed my life! I’m a successful voiceover artist living in Miami, and I owe Charles big thanks for steering me in the right direction and giving me the tools—and confidence—to take up this great career.

    LISTEN to Veronica Alsina

  • Mary McKitrick

    I had had a few months of voiceover training before finding Charles Michel, but was spinning my wheels a bit. Charles’ approach really resonated with me and once I started working with him, I made rapid progress toward my goal of recording my first (commercial) demo and marketing my work.

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  • Norma-Jean (“NJ”) Strickland: The Voice That Sparkles!

    Charles is one of those rare individuals who can actually teach by example. He can demonstrate how to perform something incorrectly, then barely take a breath and do the same thing flawlessly. He is so much fun to work with!!

    Read more and LISTEN to Norma-Jean (“NJ”) Strickland: The Voice That Sparkles!

  • Sharon Matteson

    The fact that Charles records each training session and then gives me a copy of the recording is also really helpful as it allows me to review the lesson at my leisure, and then practice what was learned in the lesson.

    Read more and LISTEN to Sharon Matteson

  • Alexandra Zabriskie

    Charles, thank You so much for your patience and your expertise. The demo sounds great and it is all because of you!  If I ever earn an award for voice over work (is there one?) you’re at the top of my gratitude list.

    LISTEN to Alexandra Zabriskie


Seminar Testimonials

For twenty-five years Charles Michel has inspired audiences attending his seminars. Here are excerpts from some of the many e-mails he received after a recent event in New York City.

“Thanks for such a fun and inspirational presentation!”
_— Anne Kearns

“Thank you so much for yesterday’s experience. It was wonderful…and what a teacher. You knew exactly what to say to me. Remember to breath. As I told you when we talked briefly that stuttering was something I dealt with my whole life and it happens when I jump in too quickly. I have been told many times that I have a comforting voice and should do V.O. work. I look forward to doing the evaluation with you. Again, thank you.”
— Timothy Dean Lee

“I’ve done V.O. work for children shows with Harlem School of The Arts and for a long time now I wanted to know more about V.O. work and how to break into that field.I enjoyed your seminar very much and learned a lot in a short amount of time. I look forward to uncovering my “David” and learning so much more with you. Thank you so much.”
— Steven Vega

“I think you are a genius and I can’t wait to work with you. Thank you!”
— Andrea Sooch

“Everything about your seminar delighted me. I could simply listen to what you have to say and how you say it, all day long. I was surprised at how keen your observations were of how the person was blocked and what trigger to give them. I am excited about pursuing voice-over work. I have never been very interested before But, it struck me that it is a wonderful way of training, expanding and exercising my voice, which having come from a dance background, has had splotchy formal training. I also tend to loose my voice at crucial moments during a run. I look forward to making an appointment with you for the evaluation and after coaching with you.”
— Ana Valle

“I would like to thank you as well for the wonderful presentation, demonstration and implementation for the full duration of your seminar. I was so happy with all the presenters and the great knowledge I picked up. I was most delighted with yours. I learned a phenomenal amount more about VO, already have a bigger voice than yesterday and will definitely be reading aloud everyday! I am so excited at the prospect of working with you on learning, demoing and thriving in the field of VO’s…Powerful, motivating, enlightening and inspiring all with the kindest touch! …a veritable rocket ship learning curve! That’s what you get with Charles Michel …”
— Kirk Larsen, Actor

“I was very moved by your seminar yesterday. I would like to uncover my own voice – I started your 5 min challenge last night. What surprised me most about your seminar was how little we needed to focus on the voice. Instead, it seemed that by diverting our attention elsewhere, by not concentrating too hard on the voice itself, and by playing around, people’s readings naturally improved. It actually seemed pleasurable to be doing this work. Thank you for sharing with us. I look forward to working with you soon.”
— Erel Pilo

“I look forward to scheduling a session with you. Your workshop was so inspiring, and positive. I appreciated seeing and hearing how any voice and performer really does have the potential to succeed in voice overs. You clearly love what you do and are a generous artist. I’m so happy I came!”
— Jody Christopherson


In addition to training the voices of hundreds of people, Charles Michel has been an actor, singer, character voice performer and voice-over announcer.
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Make 'em laugh!

Week of Apr 1, 2011

Most people work hard at never appearing foolish. They avoid being “too” animated, energized, opinionated, eccentric, etc. From the onset of puberty when teenage peer pressure compels people to be “cool” and fit in, most folks live in dire fear of being laughed at, which is probably the largest obstacle in getting the winning voice… Because it blocks free exspression. Intellectually, you probably already know that if “they” laugh at you, you will not suddenly drop dead. However, you need to start to believe this at an emotional level as well. Laughter is not life threatening! So, the quickest way to get over the fear of others laughing at you is to make sure that they do!

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