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The Winning Voice by Charles Michel: Meet Charles Michel
Charles Michel, America's #1 Voice Over Coach!

Meet Charles Michel

For more than 25 years, Charles Michel has been grooming voice over performers. Introducing them to his "TRIGGERS FOR SUCCESS" — FUNDAMENTAL TECHNIQUES guaranteed to make the difference between failure and success in a potentially ultra- lucrative field.

In addition to training the voices of hundreds of people, Charles Michel has been an actor, singer, character voice performer and voice-over announcer.

As director of The Voice Bank, a company that represents several hundred voice-over artists, he has cast, produced, written and directed hundreds of voice-driven projects. Charles has trained hundreds of voice over performers.

Charles Michel's seminar for New York-based The Learning Annex, "How To Make Money In Voice Overs," has sold out for years — and is now available online.

In the last several years, Charles Michel has also provided overall voice and presentation training to business people and others interested in improving their voices. He appeared on Donald Trump's "The Apprentice" as a coach to the participants.

"After spending twenty five years developing systems that help a performer consistently deliver in the pressure cooker that is a commercial recording session, I have made some terrific discoveries," says Michel. "I have come to realize that there are basic fundamental techniques that even the most seasoned voice over pros tend to miss. The good news is that once you discover these fundamentals yourself, I am convinced that you can use them immediately to dramatically improve your chances of success. I call these techniques "TRIGGERS." I have spent years developing them. I believe in them. And I am proud and happy to share them with you!"

"So whether you are currently a working voice-over performer looking to become even more competitive or a beginner looking to break into the field, I believe you are capable of making much more money doing voice overs than you might have ever thought possible. And I invite you to explore my easy-to-understand methods and discover your own most WINNING VOICE!"

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Sharon Matteson

The fact that Charles records each training session and then gives me a copy of the recording is also really helpful as it allows me to review the lesson at my leisure, and then practice what was learned in the lesson.

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Make 'em laugh!

Week of Apr 1, 2011

Most people work hard at never appearing foolish. They avoid being “too” animated, energized, opinionated, eccentric, etc. From the onset of puberty when teenage peer pressure compels people to be “cool” and fit in, most folks live in dire fear of being laughed at, which is probably the largest obstacle in getting the winning voice… Because it blocks free exspression. Intellectually, you probably already know that if “they” laugh at you, you will not suddenly drop dead. However, you need to start to believe this at an emotional level as well. Laughter is not life threatening! So, the quickest way to get over the fear of others laughing at you is to make sure that they do!

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